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Design Your Hear With Wings Tattoo in Three Different Ways
Author: Jason Lewis 

After you have made up your mind to get a tattoo, it is time to begin the processes of deciding which tattoo is right for you. If you are getting your very first tattoo then you should be really careful as you do not want to end up regretting your decision for many years to come. To help with this decision you will want to pick a tattoo that is safe and that have it placed somewhere that can be covered easily if you do decide that you made a mistake. You should also consider the size and placement so you can easily cover it with clothing, you may even want it to be covered while wearing a bathing suit.

You may feel overwhelmed as you look through all of the options for a tattoo so consider a heart tattoo as it is one of the safest choices and everyone loves this image of love. The wings tattoo is another popular choice but do not worry, you can get them both. Combine them for a heart wings tattoo that you will love. Before you make the choice you should ensure that you have the design that you love and it may be best if you design your wings tattoo on your own.

Capture Your Feelings

You may think that you do not have the talent that is necessary to design your own tattoo but the components are very easy in a wings tattoo or a heart tattoo. This design is very standard and the shape is typical. You never have a struggle when you are deciding what the meaning is behind these tattoos. As you begin to draw some images you are sure to find that you are really enjoying it. The more time you put into it, the easier it will be to capture your feelings in the design of your tattoo.

You Develop the Idea Then Pay an Artist to Draw It

If you have spent some time, and several pens and pieces of paper, trying to get the design exactly right and have still not found the image that you love, you may end up asking someone to help you draw it. If you are able to put together some simple sketches of your idea, an artist should be able to create a few different designs that follow in the lines of your vision. You will find that your vision will be put in form when doing this. This kind of help does not come free though, in most cases. You should expect to pay your artist between ten and fifty dollars for their services. You may know someone that can do it for free but, depending on where you go, it can get expensive.

Get Your Inspiration at an Online Gallery

If you are sure that you are going to get the drawing right on your own and without the help of a paid artist, there are some resources that you can use for free. You should begin your search online in the image galleries. Be sure to search for a heart with wings tattoo. You can incorporate different parts of the images that you really love and come up with one that is unique. Yes, you may come across some heart tattoos that seem to be perfect for you but remember, you will be much happier if you are able to design the tattoo on your own, even if you are pulling certain parts from tattoos that already exist.

After all is said and done, you will probably discover that creating your own wings tattoo and incorporating a heart tattoo can be a fairly easy task. After you have figured out how to draw the wings, drawing the rest is a simple as drawing a basic heart. Be sure to put a few different choices down in front of you before you make your decision so you have options. Your ending decision will lead to a tattoo that will be there forever so be sure to choose wisely.


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