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4 Reasons Why People Are Getting a Fairy Wings Tattoo
Author: Cindy Clark 

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they will most likely continue to be a popular form of expression for thousands of years to come. Within the most recent years, tattoos have become more and more popular as there are people from all branches of life and from all age groups heading to the tattoo parlor for the design of their choice.

The wings tattoo options are very popular and for many reasons. A fairy tattoo, along with the wings, are tattoos that are more popular for women than men. In fact, you just will never see very many men sporting a cute little fairy on their arm. Generally, these are considered to be more feminine tattoos.

Can Be a Reflection of Your Personality

While there may be a few standard looking wings or fairy tattoo options that have already been drawn at your local tattoo shop, there is a lot of room for you to express yourself and your creativity. You can have a wings tattoo that is drawn in a way to reflect your personality. The fairies are another great way to do that.

A Feminine Design

Many women fear that first tattoo because they are afraid that they are going to lose a little bit of their feminine side with the addition of a tattoo. This is simply not the case but with the addition of a fairy tattoo, there is no room to dispute a woman's feminine side as the fairy is very small and gentle. It is a symbol of feminine nature if there ever was one.

Many Different Ways to Have it Drawn

You can take the standard wings tattoo or fairy tattoo and twist it around to incorporate something else that you are passionate about. You could even create a little naughty or evil fairy if that is the direction you would like to go with it. Some people like the idea of taking something that is generally made to look so sweet and innocent and giving it a little devilish smile or look.

Bright and Colorful

Dull colored or black and gray tattoos are not for everyone. For those who love excitement and all of the colors of the rainbow, the fairy tattoo or the wings tattoo is the way to go. You can really get creative with your color selection as well. You could use two colors, five colors, or you could find a way to incorporate all of the colors you could possibly think of. The choices and options are really endless.

As you can clearly see, there is a lot about the wings tattoo and the fairy tattoo that people simply fall in love with. You can take something that is considered to be the standard and change it around in order to make sure that it is truly a reflection of who you are.

Make sure that you are taking your time in the selection and design of your wings tattoo. The wings and fairy tattoo, as well as any other kind of tattoo, is not something you want to jump on without thinking it over. This is a decision that you will have to live with for the rest of your life so make sure that it is something that you absolutely love and can't foresee yourself living without. That is when you know that you have made the right decision on your tattoo choice and design.


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