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October 24, 2014          
Learn About The Best Place To Find Your Next Tattoo And
Get Instant Access Plus Unlimited Download Right
To Thousands Of Professionally Drawn
Tattoo Designs

If you want to be sure to choose the right tattoo design that suit you, your personality and which you will not regret in the future, this website will prove to be extremely valuable, as I have been using more then ten different tattoo gallery websites over the last three years.

Some of them were very expensive ($16.00 for a tattoo design that’s a lot of money). Other did not have enough to choose from or the quality of the tattoos designs were not professional enough.

Below, I am providing information on two tattoo gallery websites that I particularly enjoy, and which I confirm as having a wide variety and good quality tattoo designs. That way you will immediately know where to go to find your next tattoo.

Infinite Tattoos – My Top Rated Tattoo Design Gallery

My Experience Shows That Infinite Tattoos Is The Most Serious Tattoo Design Gallery

Overview: Infinite Tattoos is a growing site with over 10,000 members and with almost 400 tattoo artists. With over 15,000 tattoo designs instantly downloadable sorted within 34 categories, Infinite Tattoos has become one of the largest tattoo gallery online.

Many designs come with the tattoo artist's stencil or sketch.

There is also a discussion forum where you can exchange ideas, opinions and get suggestions useful to set your mind at ease when selecting your first or next tattoo. After choosing your tattoo design, the only thing left to do is to download it, print it, and then bring it to your local artist.

My Opinion: What truly set Infinite Tattoos apart from the other websites is the total number, the variety and the quality of their tattoo designs. With that many designs to choose from, I found myself liking many of them and having a hard time to make up my mind. This was a nice problem to deal with.

The tattoo gallery has some very nice wings tattoo type of designs. The categories include: Butterfly Tattoos, Fairy Tattoos, Angel Tattoos, Dragonfly Tattoos, Phoenix Tattoos and more. It also includes other categories like Tribal Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos, Heart Tattoos etc.

The Favorite feature makes the whole process of selecting a design so much easier. Saving the designs you like in your Favorite give the ability to get back at them quickly, and allow you to compare them side by side before selecting the right one.

You can also use the search box. The system basically returns a search results base on the keywords you enter. If after browsing by category and using the search box you still can't find the tattoo design you want, you can always send them a custom tattoo request.

The discussion forum is very interactive. Lots of people share their opinions and help each other at selecting a proper tattoo design. It is really reassuring to read other people opinions and suggestions before setting your mind on a tattoo design. You end up confident and enthusiast about the design you choose.

Conclusion: Infinite Tattoos is my first pick mainly because of their huge selection and the quality of their tattoo designs. That's where I found my last tattoo, and that's probably where I will find my next.

The discussion forum is a plus which I found fun and helpful.

The only downside is that I found the interface not too intuitive, but after awhile I got use to it and it became second nature.

Ultimately, you want to get a beautiful tattoo that suits you, your personality and which you will treasure now and always. So just take a minute to join Infinite Tattoo, and you will have full access and unlimited download rights to the largest selection of tattoo designs you can find, and you will also have all the tools needed to easily find a mainingful tattoo that will fit you well.

»» Get Full Access To Infinite Tattoos Here ««

Tattoo Me Now – My Second Top Rated Tattoo Design Gallery

My Experience Shows That Tattoo Me Now Is The Second Leading Tattoo Design Gallery

Overview: Tattoo Me Now is a membership website design to provide with all the components needed to choose a tattoo you won't regret. You can browse, download and print over 4,800 unique tattoo designs organize within 40 categories. But Tattoo Me Now has more than just a tattoo design gallery to offer.

You will also find a community of tattoo enthusiasts, where people can interact, make new friends, ask questions, upload their photos, share their tattoos and opinions, and even upload some home made videos.

My Opinion: The tattoo gallery is filled with over 4,800 unique, beautiful, and professionally designed tattoos. With 40 categories and the quality of the design I saw, I am sure anyone can find the tattoo they want.

They have very nice and a respectable number of wings tattoo type of designs, here the categories: Angle Tattoos, Birds Tattoo, Butterfly Tattoo, Eagle Tattoos and Fairy Tattoo.

The gallery is well design and easy to use. When you like a particular tattoo you can bookmark it, so no need to restart a search to find the one you like when you come back. This allows you to really take all the time you want to carefully choose a tattoo design that suits you well.

I notice that they are constantly updating their tattoo gallery with new design. Last year they were at 3,523, which mean they added over 1,000 designs to the site since last year. It is good to know that they are really growing their selection.

Interacting with people on the site did make the process of selecting a tattoo design so much funnier and easier. People are always ready to help by giving all kind of suggestions, and advices. They ended up being more helpful than I thought they would be.

Conclusion: If you want the largest selection of tattoo designs then join Infinite Tattoos. With a selection of 15,206 designs as oppose to 4,852 for Tattoo Me Now , you won't be disappointed.

That said, the community area of Tattoo Me Now has more features than the Infinite Tattoos one, and the gallery interface is more intuitive.

Even if they have a smaller selection of tattoo design, Tattoo Me Now is considerably better than the other tattoo gallery online. I am sure you will find the right tattoo and won't regret your choice and experience.

»» Join Tattoo Me Now Here ««

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